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  • 2/24/18 10:52 AM
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Description of DROTA and its lines of work

The Regional Directorate for Spatial Planning and Environment (DROTA) is a Regional Directorate under the responsibility of the Regional Secretariat for Environment and Natural Resources (RAS). DROTA's mission is to implement and coordinate the regional policy for the management of the quality of the environment, water, sea, coastal, spatial planning, urban planning and geographical, cartographic and cadastral information, contributing to sustainable development and articulated between the various sectoral policies.

It is subdivided into 4 major areas of activity, namely Environment, Geographic and Cadastral Information, Spatial Planning and, finally, Mar and Litoral, where the MIMAR project fits.

In this area of action we intend to implement a public policy of the sea, an enormous challenge that requires a coherent and articulated integration of themes as diverse as planning and jurisdiction, accessibility and security, tourism and sport, knowledge and education, research and innovation, protection and conservation, sustainable and sustainable exploitation and exploitation of living and non-living resources, including those in the deep sea.


The Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) aims to ensure a more coherent approach to maritime affairs, with enhanced coordination between different policy areas, focusing on issues not covered by a specific sectoral policy, as well as issues requiring coordination between various sectors and stakeholders.


The following duties are incumbent upon:

- Implement strategies for the protection and enhancement of the sea, promoting institutional cooperation, synergies, an integrated and cross-sectoral approach, based on a sustainable and sustainable exploitation based on knowledge, listening to various sectors of public administration and public participation;

- Encourage strategic partnerships and identify appropriate public funding lines for the implementation of the National Strategy for the Sea and the monitoring and measurement programs set out in the Marine Strategy for the Madeira subdivision as well as for other sectors of the DROTA ;

- Propose planning and planning of the maritime space by making the different functions, uses and activities compatible with other departments of the central and regional administration and in coordination with the administrations of the other Atlantic marine sub-divisions, in particular with those that are part of the biogeographic region of Macaronesia;

- Ensure the development of projects and partnerships and provide adequate technical support to external entities, aiming at the implementation of an integrated policy of the sea, in particular in the areas protected by the SRA;

- Ensure a framework of knowledge of the marine natural resources existing in the area of jurisdiction, regarding their inventory, geo-referencing and use;

- To propose the creation of protected marine areas and to collaborate in the management, in particular through the elaboration of the respective planning plans, in articulation with regional and national entities of the sectors of the conservation of the nature, biodiversity and fisheries, and other sectors with interests in the areas in reference ;

- Coordinate, integrate and support the development of different public policies affecting the sea, in particular in the areas of education, knowledge, research, environmental and coastal protection and the economy of the sea;

- Develop and implement a strategy of integrated management of the coastline ensuring its protection and valorization, and promoting a sustainable and conciliatory usufruct of different uses, activities and interests;

- Ensure coordination or participation in the elaboration of territorial management instruments, of a sectoral, special and territorial nature, affecting the coastal strip;

- Ensure the regularization of uses and occupations, instructing the necessary titles of private use, in accordance with the planning instruments, namely the plans of affectation and situation in the maritime space and the programs of coastal planning, including the beach plans , on the coast;

- Ensure the demarcation of the sea bed and sea, and the identification of existing private uses;

- Ensure that maritime public domain delimitation processes are carried out by public initiative and exercise the other administrative and jurisdictional powers of the maritime public domain attributed to the Autonomous Region of Madeira;

- To manage the goods integrated in the public maritime domain and to develop actions of inspection of the compliance with the applicable regulatory norms or legal dispositions.


Description of the work that DROTA will carry out during the project:

DROTA will participate in actions 2.1.1, 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.

As the regional entity with competence in matters related to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the Marine Spatial Planning Framework Directive, DROTA actions will be essentially in collaboration with other partners in the provision of technical and political support, namely in the following matters:
- Collaborate in the development of spatial planning tools;
- Collaborate in the development of actions for the preparation of regional, spatial and sectoral territorial plans;
-Instruct and propose ratification procedures for territorial management instruments.