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  • 2/24/18 10:52 AM
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Association for environmental education and management

Description of the institution that represents and lines of work

The entity is responsible for carrying out services in the area of environment and sustainable development throughout the territory of Mauritania. While it is true that the association is new, the experience provided by the president and responsible technician is relevant in projects, such as POLMAR, has participated in different projects related to the Mauritanian coast, maritime rescue, among others.

Description of the work he performs within the MIMAR project.


The entity participates directly as a third-country institution benefiting from the following activities:

  • Development of protocols for the control and surveillance of introduced exotic species, especially those of an invasive nature that affect the Natura 2000 Network.
  • Study of the dynamics of the HABs and the mechanisms that originate them, determining the potential effect on human health or the marine ecosystem and habitats of the Natura 2000 Network.
  • Development of a surveillance, alert and coordinated monitoring protocol in the region, through the creation of an observatory.
  • Evaluation of eco systemic changes as a consequence of global climate change and / or of human activities in the Macaronesian coastal areas and analysis of the loss of systemic ecosystem services.
  • Identification of resilience areas for habitats of the Natura 2000 Network and development of mitigation and conservation measures.