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  • 2/25/18 3:23 AM
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Identify the species capable of developing toxic algal blooms, as well as the factors that trigger them, proposing mechanisms of control, surveillance and coordination among the competent administrations in the region. This objective encompasses the following activities:

  • Activity 2.1. Identification of the species capable of developing toxic algal blooms (HABs, Harmfull Algae Blooms) and their distribution in the region. (HABs, Harmfull Algae Blooms) y su distribución en la región.
  • Activity 2.2. Study of the dynamics of HABs and the mechanisms that originate them, determining the potential effect on human health or the marine ecosystem and habitats of the NATURA 2000 Network.
  • Activity 2.3. Development of a surveillance protocol, alert and coordinated monitoring in the region, through the creation of an observatory.